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Community Liaison

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Tue, 05/29/2018 - 00:17
General Description: 

There are two aspects to this job. One focuses primarily before the conference, making potential attendees aware of the nearby services and AT Communities. The second one is at the conference being the host or hostess with the mostess and establishing folks to work at the conference and answer questions about the area surrounding SUNY New Paltz. For the former, contact the AT Communities to see how they would like to get involved and how to publicize their community. For the latter, three months before the conference assemble a head host/hostess who will assemble items such as brochures of local businesses, state highway and local area maps, map of campus, directions to shopping centers, houses of worship, and train station. Work with the On-Site Committee Chair.  The outreach to the AT Communities is new for this conference, but there is a report about hospitality from the 2007 Conference.


Provide information to potential A.T. Vista attendees about services in the community and A.T. Communities and to registrants concerning local attractions etc.  

  • Being able to delegate to someone who had knowledge of the local area 
  • Tact and ability to answer the same question multiple times
  • Be able to ask local businesses for discounts (will be included in Swag Bag)
  • Coordinate with Marketing Chair
Specific Tasks: 
  • Responsibilities - delegate as needed
    • Six months before the Conference
      • Read report from 2007 conference
      • Contact local business especially restuarants for discount coupons
      • Recruit other locals to help. 
  • Three months before Conference
    • Compile a list of brochures of local places of interest
    • Assemble handouts
      • Brochures of local places of interest
      •  State highway and local area maps
      • Good map of the campus because even though one was included in the registration

        packet, people did not read it
      • Directions to shopping centers, post office, and bus and train stations
    • During Conference
      • Staff the Hospitality Desk 
      • Order lunch for everyone who is working registration, hospitality, hikes, excursions, and workshop desks (a detail that needs to be discussed in 2021, closer to the conference
    • After the Conference
      • Write a report;
  • Meet and work alongside people who share your passion for the outdoors
  • Work with AT Communities and other hikers from Mahwah and Suffern who know the area well
Coordinates with: 
  • Steering Committee
  • On-site Chair
  • Volunteer Resources Chair
  • Sign Coordinaator
  • Swag Coordinator
Time Line: 
  • January of the year of the conference - Report to the Steering Committee concerning possible arrangements for a gathering place on and off campus
  • Spring - of the year of the conference - Gather brochures, maps etc; make plans
  • Four weeks before the Conference - find volunteers to staff the Hospitality Desk
  • Meeting Week- Staff Hospitality desk, 
  • September after the conference - Final report due