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Other Podcast interview with ATC's own Van Tran

Kentucky Costellow interviews Vân Trần, Education Network Coordinator for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and AT section hiker, on the anniversary of Vân's first time on the AT as an 18-year old newbie hiker.

Mapping Making the Maps: How the Trail Conference Creates Its Popular Trail Maps Webinar

Love maps and history? Join Trail Conference Cartographer Jeremy Apgar for a talk about how our maps are made!

Mapping Wilderness Navigation Webinar: Join volunteer John Rovetto to learn how to skillfully read maps and your surroundings to get your bearings in the wilderness! This webinar is provided in partnership with New Jersey Search and Rescue.
Invasives/Plants Invasive Species for Trail Maintainers Workshop

Invasive plants are often the pesky overgrowth that takes over a trail and disrupts the surrounding ecosystem. In this webinar, you will learn how to identify and how and when to remove 6 types of invasive species that are common to our regional trail systems in Northern New Jersey and the Lower Hudson Valley of New York. This was part of a workshop presented by Drs. Brent Boscarino and Linda Rohleder of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.

Invasives/Plants Plant Invaders: A Call to Action

An eye-opening discussion of common invasive plants in the Hudson Valley, how to identify them, why they are problematic, and what we can do about them. With Brent Boscarino, Invasive Species Citizen Science Program Coordinator at the NY-NJ Trail Conference. 

Invasives/Plants Connect with Nature Using Seek and iNaturalist!: A 5-Part Video Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to engage your inner curiosity and ask questions about the plants and animals you interact within nature. The video highlights some of the obstacles to classic field species identification techniques and how the fun and user-friendly mobile apps, Seek and iNaturalist, can help build your species ID confidence and inspire you to want to explore!

Invasives/Plants Beginner Plant Identification and Management:

Learn how to tell plants apart! This beginner's guide will go over basic plant anatomy and provide methods and tips for plant identification and manual management.

Invasives/Plants Invasive Species Spotlight and Field Identification Videos

Short (~5 minute) videos that highlight a specific Invasive Species.

Common Invasive Species

History Lenape Trail History + Overview

The 36-mile Lenape Trail is a unique urban/suburban trail connecting 18 parks and 11 municipalities in Essex County, New Jersey. Join Trail Chair Dave DeShazer and Lenape Trail Guide author Debra Kagan to virtually explore this popular trail and its history.

History The Morris Canal Greenway--More than Hiking--Historic Structure!

More than Hiking: Exploring Industrial Archaeology and Historic Artifacts

Fascinating tale of some amazing engineering! Video is slightly over an hour long.

Trail Design/Construction/Repair Trail Layout and Design

Ever wonder why we place trails where they are? Join Senior Field Manager Ben Sugar in this webinar to learn about design and layout!

Trail Design/Construction/Repair Tool Maintenance and Repair

Want to know how to clean, sharpen, and maintain your trail tools properly? Join us for this webinar to find out!

Trail Design/Construction/Repair Old Trails, New Systems: Re-Imagining Existing Trail Networks

When people are getting lost and trails aren’t meeting hiker needs, what can you do? Join Trail Program Manager Peter Dolan to see real-world examples of re-imagining trail networks to provide solutions to these problems.

Trail Design/Construction/Repair Trail Maintenance Tools & Techniques: an Introduction with Marit Anderson

Trail Maintenance Tools & Techniques: an Introduction with Marit Anderson

ATC Wild East  Women Affinity Group

Trail Management Appalachian Trail Corridor Monitoring

Video explains the volunteer position of corridor monitor/maintainer. In many parts of the A.T., the land the trail is on is part of the A.T. Corridor acquired by the National Park Service specifically for the trail. The boundaries of this corridor are mostly surveyed by licensed surveyors. The corridor volunteer follows the survey boundary and keeps an eye out for incursions into the corridor. This webinar details what the new monitor needs to know in great detail.