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Volunteer Jobs

Helping to run A.T. Vista 2021 is a rewarding experience; the best part of being part of this team is that you get to meet and work with other hikers that you would not have had the opportunity to meet. Other benefits include expanding your skill set and sharing your knowledge . Past participants in running a conference have commented that they have learned and grown in unexpected ways. 

The ways to volunteer for A.T. Vista. range from a two year commitment with lots of responsibility (committee chairs) to helping for a few hours at the conference. If you would like to volunteer, look at the job descriptions linked below and fill out the volunteer interest form. If you have questions about any of the positions, e-mail [email protected]. The form allows you to specify a particular position.

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These are the positions that are open as of today's date. Click on a job title to see responsibilities.

Title General Description Vacanciessort descending
Camping Coordinator

Being able to camp at previous ATC biennial conferences was a way for conference goers to reduce costs and still attend the conference. Be the person who continues that amenity for A.T. Vista; tent camping will be done at private campgrounds near SUNY New Paltz. RV camping will be available at SUNY New Paltz (without hookups). This volunteer will find campground hosts. You will work with the On-Site Committee Chair; it is highly recommended that you read the camping report from the 2007 conference.

Food Coordinator

Being in charge of food means you will interact with food services on campus to determine the menus for all meals and work with the Conference Co-chairs about food requirements for any special events. Making sure that the cafeteria staff understands how much food hikers eat means supplying contact information to the caterers at Colby College in Maine. If necessary, you will apply for a liquor license. In recent conferences, having a couple of folks to direct people to the food lines means less confusion at meal times.   For infomration on how the job was done in 2007, see the Food report. 

Volunteer Recognition Coordinators

A.T. Vista is run by volunteers, who, need a t-shirt that sets them apart from the t-shirts purchased by attendees. And they obviously need to be thanked. While the chair of the conference in 2007 decided that all committee heads find a way to recognize and thank volunteers, previoius conferences held raffles or had swag depending on what had been donated. There was a large poster at the 2007 conference with the names of volunteers listed how they volunteers regardless of the size of their contribution. No matter which way is chosen, the volunteers at all levels need to be recognized. Read Logo Goods report from 2007 to learn what was done with t-shirts for volunteers

Sign Coordinator

Like telling people where to go, at least where they want to go. Consider being in charge of signs - obtaining information from Hikes, Excursions, Entertainment, and Workshops chair plus signs needed at various tables at registration and exhibits. There will also be a need to produce a sign for where every hike and excursion meet, and the rooms for every workshop. Engage with various chairs and Enlist assistants to help with the tasks. Read report from the 2007 conference. 

Community Liaison

There are two aspects to this job. One focuses primarily before the conference, making potential attendees aware of the nearby services and AT Communities. The second one is at the conference being the host or hostess with the mostess and establishing folks to work at the conference and answer questions about the area surrounding SUNY New Paltz. For the former, contact the AT Communities to see how they would like to get involved and how to publicize their community. For the latter, three months before the conference assemble a head host/hostess who will assemble items such as brochures of local businesses, state highway and local area maps, map of campus, directions to shopping centers, houses of worship, and train station. Work with the On-Site Committee Chair.  The outreach to the AT Communities is new for this conference, but there is a report about hospitality from the 2007 Conference.

Safety Coordinator

How do you keep conference attendees safe, by having an emergency medical plan. Working with the site and the host organization, develop a plan that is articulated to conference attendees, hike leaders, and excursion escorts.

Exhibits Coordinator

Exhibits from local businesses, hiking clubs,ATC, and retail establishments have been part of previous ATC conferences. A.T. Vista is no different. The Exhibits Coordinator will determine which organizations and businesses to contact, set a fee for businesses and determine layout of the exhibit space. In the past, hiking clubs, ATC, and NYNJTC have been part of exhibits. Make arrangements for setting up and take down. This position can be filled by a parent and teenager, givin the teen an opportunity to function in an adult role with adults. View a report from the 2007 conference that was held at SUNY New Paltz. The Exhibits Coordinator works with the On-Site Committee Chair

Social Media Coordinator

Use your social media skills to share your love of hiking and enthusiasm for the Appalachian Trail. Help keep potential conference attendees interested in A.T. Vista by becoming the Social Media Coordinator. Work with the Marketing Chair to follow the marketing plan for A.T. Vista. To indicate your interest in the Social Media Coordinator volunteer role, e-mail [email protected].


Share your IT experience and interest in learning web design by workting with the current Co-Webmaster for A.T. Vista who is an experienced web developer with 25 plus years of experience. Ideally, this assistant or co chair would be the webmaster at  the next A.T. Vista. This way of learning how the system works passes “corporate memory” to the next conference who then recruits the next generation webmaster.

Swag and local promotional materials Coordinator

A conference would not be a conference without swag and promotional materials for local businesses. Work with the Marketing Chair and the Conference co-chair in charge of sponsors to determine what items will be handed out . Previous conferences have items such as partch, bandana, and some means of carrying that material such as a tote bag or small pack. T-shirts are handled through a different position. 

Logo Goods Coordinator

At previous ATC conferences, T-shirts, patches, magnets, and tote bags/pack have been part of the conference. Like to comparison shop, want to try out merchandising? Be in charge of the sale and distribution of logo goods  at A.T. Vista. Work with the Marketing Chair to determine design, with Registars to provide information about t-shirts in registration information, and with Volunteer Resource Chair to find people to help with distribution. Read Logo Goods report from 2007. 

Hikes Committee Co-Chairs

Share your knowledge of hiking trails in the metro area and utilizing your organizational skills by chairing the committee that determines and organizes the hikes schedule AT Vista. You will serve on the A.T. Vista Steering Committee to provide oversight of the Hikes program of the conference. As Hikes Co-Chair, you will work with the Hikes Committe members committee to set a schedule, find hike leaders, write hike descriptions, and organize hike departures. A report of the 2007 conference is available, You will have the opportunity to work with others in the metro area and widen your network of fellow hikers. Assistance is available for finding committee members.

Publications Coordinator

Gather information for and oversee the production of both the meeting announcement in the Appalachian Trailway News and the on-site Program Booklet

Housing Coordinator

Being in charge of housing is a job that requires tact, diplomacy, and being able to trouble shoot. You will need to interact with someone at the college and deal with lost keys and people being locked out of their rooms. On the plus side, you will meet lots of people who love the AT and your responsibilities are primarily at the conference. . Housing assignments will be done by registrars as it is easiest to do when people are registering. For information on how the job was done in 2007, see the Housing report. 


As part of a two person team that utilizes material from previous conferences, develop and implement online registration for A.T. Vista.  Most of the work for this position takes place more than 6 months before the conference. A report on what the Registrar did at the 2007 conference is available 

On-Site Committee Chair

To streamline activities that do not need to have many people on a committee, A.T. Vista has a Onsite Committee Chair, who oversees the people who are in charge camping, exhibits, food, hospitality, housing, safety, and signs.

Marketing Committee Chair

Use your marketing skills to share your love of hiking and enthusiasm for the Appalachian Trail. Finalize a marketing plan with the Steering Committee. Develop a uniform message to be used on social media, the website, and other platforms. You will write and send press releases. Develop logo goods using the A.T. Vista logo and tag line and coordinate with the T-shirt coordinator. Supervise the Swag coordinator who is to obtain swag and promotional materials from local, regional, and national businesses. Coordinate with the webmaster. Provide oversight to the Social Media Coordinator who is responsible for posting on various social media platforms. Working with the conference co-chairs, you will create the program book with material supplied by committee chairs.

Next Generation Committee Co-Chairs

How to engage the next generation of hikers and trail volunteer starts with having a program geared to them. This committee will decide what activities to offer for teens and preteens be it hikes, workshop, or excursions.Since this program has not been presented before, the co-chairs can be creative in what they offer as long as it is safe and follows appropriate guidelines. 

Excursion Committee Co-Chairs

Share your knowledge of tourist destinations in the metro area and utilize your organizational skills by chairing the committee that determines and organizes excursions at AT Vista. You will serve on the A.T. Vista Steering Committee to provide oversight of the excursion program of the conference. As Excursion Co-Chair, you will work with your committee to set a schedule, find escorts, write excursion descriptions, and organize departures, You will have the opportunity to work with others in the metro area and widen your network of fellow hikers. Information about how the Excursions Chairs operated at previous conferences is available  including an attendance report of all excursions. Assistance is available for finding committee members. It is expected that excursions make a slight profit.


Young Families Co-Chairs

Having hikes and activities for young families gets kids and their parents outdoors and sometimes it is the first time they have been on a trail. One aspect is to offer a program that will allow parents of school age children to attend workshops or hikes by having child care service or activities. The other is to have hikes geared to that age group. What would you like to see at A.T. Vista. Head up a committee that will be beneficial to families with young children. Since this program has not been offered before, you can be creative and at the same time, have to follow local laws about child care. Reading the report on what was done in 2007 might give you some ideas. 

Workshop Committee Members

Join a team to determine what workshops will be offered to conference attendees. After looking at previous conference workshop offerings, decide what topics are to be presented, contact presenters, and set a schedule. Just prior to the conference, contact the presenters to find out what they need. At the conference serve as host to several presenters. Read the Workshops report from the 2007 Conference. 

Excursion Committee Member

As a member of the Excursion Committee, you will add your expertise to a group of people who not only love this region, but love to show it off to visitors. If you have never worked on a large event, this is an opportunity to learn. Share your knowledge of tourist destinations in the metro area and utilize your organizational skills by working with like minded folks. You will help set a schedule, find escorts, write excursion descriptions, and organize departures, You will have the opportunity to work with others in the metro area and widen your network of fellow hikers. 

Hikes Committee Member

Share your knowledge of hiking trails in the metro area by joining others to determine the hikes offered. Working with others on the committee, you will set a schedule, find hike leaders, and write hike descriptions. These descriptions will be used in the Trail Conference’s Trail Walker and ATC’s AT Journeys, and posted on the A.T. Vista website. At the conference, you will help at the Hikes Desk and the Hikes Departure Area. A report is available to see how the Hikes program operated at the 2007 conference 

Excursion Escort

Be a host or hostess for an excursion in the Metro NY Area. From a list of excursion being offered, chose one that you can escort to the site, manage the finances for that excursion, and be responsible for getting folks to and from the site. 

General Help at Conference

Don't want a big time committee but want to help at A.T. Vista. Consider helping at the registration desk, or directing attendees to parking and registration. At past conferences, having someone in the cafeteria explaining what food lines are where has limited some of the confustion. A one time activity is being ticket takers at entertainment. In the past Scout troops have filled the swag bags. 

If you are interested in just helping, fill out the volunteer interest form.

Hike Leader

Share your knowledge of the hiking trails in the southern NY and northern New Jersey with folks attending A.T. Vista 2021. Pick from a list of hikes being offered, scout the hike ahead of time, and obtain hiker leader packet from the Hikes Committee.

Workshop Presenter

Share your trail knowledge and working with volunteeers whether it be soft skills on working with volunteers, hard skills for building or maintaining trails or information about the Appalachain Trail. Workshops are 90 minutes long and can be held either inside or outside. 


Volunteering for A.T. Vista

The Chairs and Registrar and Finance Chair are the Steering Committee. Other volunteers work with specific chairs shown below to preform that committees function.