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Workshop Presenter

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Thu, 08/02/2018 - 23:44
General Description: 

Share your trail knowledge and working with volunteeers whether it be soft skills on working with volunteers, hard skills for building or maintaining trails or information about the Appalachain Trail. Workshops are 90 minutes long and can be held either inside or outside. 


To present a workshop of interest to the A.T. Community

  • Knowledge of a topic that is of interest to the A.T. Community
  • Ability to share and convey your knowledge
  • Have presentation skills
Specific Tasks: 
  • Submit a request to present a workshop which includes a description, audience, skill level needed to take the course, intended outcomes, AV requirements, and number of participants
Coordinates with: 
  • Workshop Chair
  • Workshop Committee members
Time Line: 
  • 18 months before the conference, submit a proposal to give a workshop (see specific tasks)
  • 9 months before the conference, submit brief description to be used on A.T. Vista announcements and website
  • 6 months before the conference, finalize AV needs with Workshop Committee
  • At Conference, check in a Workshop desk to secure room assignment