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Workshop Committee Members

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Fri, 05/25/2018 - 00:01
General Description: 

Join a team to determine what workshops will be offered to conference attendees. After looking at previous conference workshop offerings, decide what topics are to be presented, contact presenters, and set a schedule. Just prior to the conference, contact the presenters to find out what they need. At the conference serve as host to several presenters. Read the Workshops report from the 2007 Conference. 


Select topics, secure leaders, schedule and coordinate workshops.  Provide information for the publication of the workshop program.

  • Ability to contact people to ask for information
  • A record of organizing workshops and the details required to manage them
Specific Tasks: 
  • While running the Conference
    • Be a member of the Workshop Committee
    • Track own hours
  • Planning the Conference
    • Read the Workshops report from the 2007 Conference. 
    • Decide what will be offered. Sources for ideas and presenters include lists from past conferences and volunteers and staff from ATC and TC
    • Contact presenters
    • Use scheduling conventions from previous conferences
    • Set schedule and make a handout which says where each workshop is being held
    • Interact with presenters ahead of time to determine their AV needs and other needs
    • Assemble packets for presenters
    • Assign a host for each presenter
  • During the Conference
    • Interact with college’s IT department about AV needs
    • Change signs as necessary for daily listings and at rooms
  • Work with other hikers from outside your region
  • Meet and work alongside people who share your passion for the outdoors
  • Learn how to enter content on the AT Vista website
  • Be able to say you worked on a multi-day conference
Coordinates with: 
  • Workshop Committee Chair
Time Line: 
  • Fall and winter of year before conference - determine what workshops to offer
  • Year of the conference, be the contact for an assigned list of presentors, obtain descriptions and AV needs
  • At conference, Act as liaison to assigned presentors and help trouble shoot