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AT-Vista Co-Chairs

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Mon, 05/21/2018 - 00:02
General Description: 

The Chair(s) of A.T. Vista are responsible for overseeing all aspects of running a multi-day conference. In addition to running the Steering Committee and delegating responsibililty of the many aspects, A.T. Vista Chairs' other duties include negotiating and finalizing a contract with the site, establishing an Memoranda of Understanding with the site and the host organization, reviewing the progress of all steering committees chairs, negotiate, and finalize the contract with college site​​​​​. Read  reports from previous conferences, . 


To oversee the planning and coordinate all aspects of A.T. Vista 

  • Previous experience in project management or running a large event with layers of management
  • Organized and able to delegate
  • Run a meeting
  • Has been involved with running a conference, a plus


Specific Tasks: 
  • While running the Conference
    • Chair Steering Committee meetings
    • Track own hours
    • Present and monitor budget
  • Planning the conference
    • Read reports from previous conference(s) and talk with previous chair(s)
    • Keep things moving according to timeline and budget
    • Recruit and appoint committee chairs
    • Run the Steering Committee on regular basis initially in person and then either by phone, face to face, or virtual
      • Set agendas, make major decisions and report back on regular basis
      • Have minutes posted on Google Drive
    • Be liaison to college or delegate
    • Establish Memoranda of Understanding with the site 
    • Negotiate and finalize the contract with ATC and the site 
    • Make arrangements for articles in ATJ (Appalachian Trail Journeys) 
    • Make major decisions about the conference, including but not limited to establishing registration fees, make arranges for keynote speaker, special meetings or events
    • Develop program book
    • Be the primary contact with ATC  
    • Contact state officials 
    • Find sponsors or delegate
    • Track own hours 
  • At Conference
    • MC events
    • Troubleshoot and help
  • After Conference
    • Contact committee chairs for reports
    • Write final report and executive summary
Coordinates with: 
  • All Committee Chairs
  • ATC
  • College
  • Host organization(s)


Time Line: 

Spring of the year of the conference determine from various committee chairs as many specifics as possible concerning their space needs and coordinate with site.

April-May of the year of the Conference - assign specific rooms for panels/workshops , make adjustments as necessary based on registration- submit information to Publications for the on-site Program Booklet