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On-Site Committee Chair

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Fri, 05/25/2018 - 00:33
General Description: 

To streamline activities that do not need to have many people on a committee, A.T. Vista has a Onsite Committee Chair, who oversees the people who are in charge camping, exhibits, food, hospitality, housing, safety, and signs.


Act as primary liaison with the Conference Coordinator at the conference site.  Work with all committees to determine specific space assignments for the various activities to be held on campus.

  • Ability to delegate and to troubleshoot
Specific Tasks: 
  • While running the Conference
    • Be a member of the Steering Committee
    • Track own hours
    • Present and monitor budget
    • When appropriate act as liaison to college re camping, exhibits, housing, food, and safety
    • Supervise the people in charge of hospitality and signs
  • Before Conference
    • Work with College about on site technology and web access
    • Obtain Campus map and adjust for Conference
  • After the Conference
    • Write a report
  • Meet and work alongside people who share your passion for the outdoors

  • Learn how to enter content on the AT Vista website

  • Run different aspects of a multi-day conference

Coordinates with: 
  • Steering Committee
  • Swag Coordinator
  • Housing Coordinator
  • Sign Coordinator
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Registar
  • Publications Coordinator
  • Exhibits Coordinator
  • Safety Coordinator
Time Line: 
  • Spring of the year before the conference - Serve as general liaison with site, arrange meetings as necessary between Steering Committee and appropriate site personnel.
  • May of the year before the conference - Preliminary report for June Steering Committee Meeting.
  • January of the year of the conference - Progress report to Steering Committee Mtg.
  • Meeting week- Oversee operations, resolve conflicts
  • September after the Conference - Final report due.