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Sign Coordinator

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Thu, 05/31/2018 - 00:27
General Description: 

Like telling people where to go, at least where they want to go. Consider being in charge of signs - obtaining information from Hikes, Excursions, Entertainment, and Workshops chair plus signs needed at various tables at registration and exhibits. There will also be a need to produce a sign for where every hike and excursion meet, and the rooms for every workshop. Engage with various chairs and Enlist assistants to help with the tasks. Read report from the 2007 conference. 


Determine the need for conference signs.  Design, produce and install signs for the conference.  At the conclusion of the conference remove all signs.  (on-site and off-site).

  • Computer savvy to produce signs in a variety of sizes and that look good
  • Attention to detail
Specific Tasks: 
  • Before Conference (about 3 months before)
    • Read report from 2007 conference
    • Work with all committee chairs and coordinators to determine their needs. 
    • Make signs
    • Track own hours
  • At Conference
    • Place and remove directional signs on campus
  • After conference
    • Write report
  • Meet and work alongside people who share your passion for the outdoors 
  • Be able to say you part of a multi-day conference
Coordinates with: 
  • Steering Committee
  • Registar
  • Hikes Chair
  • Excursions Chair
  • Workshops Chair
  • Entertainment Chair
  • Young Families Chair
  • Next Generation Chair 
  • On site Committee Chair 
  • Housing Coordinator
  • Community Liason
  • Camping Coordinator
  • Food Coordinator
Time Line: 
  • Winter the year before the conference - Generate sign list and begin construction
  • January of the year before the conference - preliminary report to Steering Committee concerning the design and general plans
  • Six weeks before the conference -  Construct signs and give signs to all who requested signs.
  • Day before the conference begins - instatll signs just prior to the meeting
  • Meeting week - make last minute adjustments, provide unanticipated signs, remove all signs at the end of the week
  • September after the conference - final report due