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Hike Leader

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Thu, 08/02/2018 - 15:53
General Description: 

Share your knowledge of the hiking trails in the southern NY and northern New Jersey with folks attending A.T. Vista 2021. Pick from a list of hikes being offered, scout the hike ahead of time, and obtain hiker leader packet from the Hikes Committee.


To lead hikes for A.T. Vista and give the hikers a positive experience.

  • Ability to herd cats
  • Knowledge of trail and area where you are leading a hike
  • First Aid Certified
Specific Tasks: 
  • Scout your assigned hike 
  • Check in at Hikes desk at beginning of conference or at departure are on day of hike
  • Pick up hiker list, directions with map, and first aid kit 20 minutes before departure 
  • Meet hikers at the hike departure area 15 minutes before departure
  • Assess hikers as to their ability to attend your hike
  • Have hikers sign in and and sign out
  • Instruct hikers about driviing directions, car pooling, shuttles/key exchange 
  • Return paper work and first aid kit to hikes desk or assign someone to do it
  • Meet folks from outside the metro region
  • Show off that NJ and NY have many places to hike
Coordinates with: 
  • Hike Committee Chair
  • Hike Committee members
Time Line: 
  • Three months prior to conference sign up to lead hike
  • Day of scheduled hike