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General Help at Conference

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Thu, 05/31/2018 - 23:36
General Description: 

Don't want a big time committee but want to help at A.T. Vista. Consider helping at the registration desk, or directing attendees to parking and registration. At past conferences, having someone in the cafeteria explaining what food lines are where has limited some of the confustion. A one time activity is being ticket takers at entertainment. In the past Scout troops have filled the swag bags. 

If you are interested in just helping, fill out the volunteer interest form.


Help on the first day of the A.T. Vista in one of the following ways: putting up signs registration table, direct folks to registration, dorms. Other jobs during the conference include assisting at meals by directing people to various food lines, collecting tickets at entertainment venues.


Helping where help is needed!

Specific Tasks: 

Work at one or more of the following at the Conference

  • registration table,
  • Hand out t-shirts
  • Direct folks to registration, dorms. 
  • Assist at meals by directing people to various food lines,
  • Collect tickets at entertainment venues.

Saying you have worked at a multiday conference

Coordinates with: 
  • Registrar
  • Signs coordinator
  • Food coordinator
  • Entertainment coordinator
Time Line: 

During the conference