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Excursion Escort

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Thu, 08/09/2018 - 17:05
General Description: 

Be a host or hostess for an excursion in the Metro NY Area. From a list of excursion being offered, chose one that you can escort to the site, manage the finances for that excursion, and be responsible for getting folks to and from the site. 


Escort a group to and from a  destination such as an historic site, performance, museum or public open space. 

  • Herd cats
  • Handle logistics of car pools, public transportation, entrance and departure from site
Specific Tasks: 
  • Scout transportation route for your assigned excursion. 
  • Check in at Excursions desk at beginning of conference or at departure are on day of hike
  • Pick up participant, directions with map, and first aid kit 20 minutes before departure 
  • Meet hikers at the excursion departure area 15 minutes before departure
  • Assess participants as to their ability to attend your excursion
  • Have participants sign in and and sign out
  • Instruct participants about driviing directions, car pooling, public transportation
  • Return paper work and first aid kit to excursion desk or assign someone to do it
  • Visit a place you love or want to visit
  • Meet and interact with folks from outside the region
Coordinates with: 
  • Committee Chair 
  • Committee members
Time Line: 
  • Three months prior to conference sign up to lead an excursion
  • Arrive on site to check in on day of scheduled excursion