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Excursion Committee Member

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Thu, 05/24/2018 - 23:33
General Description: 

As a member of the Excursion Committee, you will add your expertise to a group of people who not only love this region, but love to show it off to visitors. If you have never worked on a large event, this is an opportunity to learn. Share your knowledge of tourist destinations in the metro area and utilize your organizational skills by working with like minded folks. You will help set a schedule, find escorts, write excursion descriptions, and organize departures, You will have the opportunity to work with others in the metro area and widen your network of fellow hikers. 


Add your expertise to a group of people who not only love this region, but love to show it off to visitors.

  • Knowledge of places to visit in the metro NY-NJ area
  • Proven record of leading trips


Specific Tasks: 
  • Before Conference
    • Read report from the 2007 conference 
    • Decide excursions will be offered (look at what was done at Ramapo ‘07)>
    • Track own hours
    • Contact leaders or presenters
    • Make decisions such that the committee chair can report back to steering committee on regular basis Use scheduling conventions from previous conferences
    • Determine transportation options
    • Visit venues
    • Assemble budget - excursions must be cover cost + credit card processing fee
    • Deal with contracts and payments
    • Interact with leaders and sites ahead of conference
    • Assemble packets for leaders (list of participants, driving directions)
  • At Conference
    • Staff the Excursions Desk
    • Run the excursion departure area
  • Revisit places or go to places you have never visited
  • Meet and work alongside people who share your passion for travel and the outdoors
  • Be able to say you worked on a multi-day conference
Coordinates with: 
  • Excursion chair(s)
Time Line: 
  • Fall and winter of year before conference - determine what excursions to offer and visit to make arrangements
  • Summer of year before conference - Finalize schedule