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Entertainment Committee Chair

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Thu, 05/24/2018 - 23:31
General Description: 

Be in charge of organizing entertainment on Saturday and Sunday nights during AT Vista. You will serve on the A.T. Vista Steering Committee to provide oversight of entertainment for the conference. As Entertainment Chair, you will work with your committee to set a budget, find entertainers, negotiate but not sign contracts, write descriptions, act as liaison to the college, organize the event, and provide hospitality to the entertainers. A report about entertainment report at the 2007 conference is available. You will have the opportunity to work with others in the metro area and widen your network of fellow hikers. Assistance is available for finding committee members. It is expected that entertainment will make a profit.


Select and schedule evening entertainment events for the conference week. Negotiate contracts with professional entertainers.

  • Knowledge of entertainers available in NY-NJ area
  • Proven track record of organizing entertainment events and negotiating contracts
Specific Tasks: 
  • While running the Conference
    • Be a member of the Steering Committee
    • Track own hours
    • Present and monitor budget
  • Planning the Conference
    • Be a member of the Steering Committee
    • Read report from the 2007 conference and talk with previous chair(s)
    • Recruit and assemble committee including a co or assistant chair
    • Track own hours
    • Attend AT Vista Steering Committee meetings either in person or phone
    • Present budget
    • Consult with Vista Co-chairs about your area of responsibility
    • Meet as committee on regular basis initially in person and then either by phone or face to face
      • Make decisions and report back on regular basis
      • Have minutes posted on Google Drive
    • Delegate tasks as appropriate to committee members
    • Prepare and post content on website* and later for publication in AT Journeys and Trail Walker
    • Interact with college after XXX
    • Assign a host for each entertainer or presenter
    • Find ticket takers
    • Provide information for signs to Sign Chair
  • At the Conference
    • Act as liaison to entertainers
    • Provide hospitality to entertainers
  • After the Conference
    • Prepare report
  • Meet entertainers
  • Learn how to enter content on the AT Vista website
  • Meet and work alongside people who share your passion for the outdoors
Coordinates with: 
  • Steering Committee
  • Publications Coordinator
  • Sign Coordinator
  • Volunteer Resources Chair
Time Line: 
  • May of the year before the conference- Preliminary report for June Steering Committee Mtg.
  • Summer of the year before the conference- Negotiate contract for major event and possibly others as well
  • October of the year before the conference-Submit information concerning major event and other groups if possible to Publications Coordinator for ATN announcement
  • Winter/Spring of the year of the conference finalize arrangements
  • January of the year of the conference 2001- Progress report to Steering Committee
  • April of the year of the conference -Submit information to Publications for on-site programs
  • Meeting Week—Oversee entertainment functions, host and introduce entertainers
  • Sept of the year of the conference- final report due